We provide different topics and information to help school staff bring self-awareness and social emotional learning into the classroom. Classes typically consist of a one-hour session. To maximize the full benefits of the program, we suggest that you hold three PD courses throughout the year to help revisit concepts and to build on creating a well-rounded classroom with tools for mindfulness and self-regulation.

School Districts and Programs The Do Good Movement supports
  • Chicago Public School System
  • D111
  • D118
  • D123
  • D124
  • D126
  • D131
  • D135
  • Beverly Castle of Early Education
  • Cook County Forest Preserves
  • Lake Katherine and Botanical Gardens
  • Moraine Valley Community College KidRec
  • Palos Hills Library
  • Palos Park Library
  • Village of Evergreen Park

“The Do Good Movement is planned specifically around the specific school goals and student needs. This, along with many other reasons, make this program unique, effective, and successful.”

Principal Nessner
Healy Elementary School CPS