Assemblies are another option for the Do Good Movement to make an impact on your school in one group setting. Assemblies focus on movement, mindful breathing to bring awareness and calmness to the students, but most importantly the discussion of kindness and community in and out of the school. The Do Good Movement presents to the students about Kindness Karma, the Do Good Movement’s belief of putting kindness out into the world and that kindness being returned to you. These assemblies can go further in depth by having additional guest speakers to join The Do Good Movement that may help to connect in a Kindness Karma Project that the school would like to implement during that school year.

Example of a Guest Speaker

The Kindness Karma Project collaboration with Pilot Light, a local non-for-profit in Chicago, partnered with The Do Good Movement to put together a fundraising event for Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. On top of volunteering day of the event, Pilot Light also came in to speak with the students about their organization and how they can help educate themselves on creating healthy meals for themselves and their families.

“I also liked that there were some skills that could be generalized into life long good habits.”