All classes support the whole student – whole child focusing on social emotional learning, health & wellness and mental health.

We create self-awareness through education of yoga postures, breath-work, and meditation through projects, music, games, partner work and use of props.

After school programming is designed to help students learn the foundations of mindfulness. These classes are deeper dives of some of the concepts discussed in the classroom setting, but help the students understand the depth and the magnitude of how yoga really helps improve a connection to mind, body and the world around them.

After School Programming

One day a week after school, The Do Good Movement offers yoga classes for students for 45 minutes. Classes teach students how to:

  • control the way they feel by the use of their breath
  • develop relaxation techniques to help calm their mind and body
  • create body awareness through the learning of the yoga postures
  • stretch, lengthen and tone the body to help students with physical fitness and movement in a typically very static learning environment.

“The Do Good Movement is planned specifically around the specific school goals and student needs. This, along with many other reasons, make this program unique, effective, and successful.”

Principal Nessner
Healy Elementary School CPS