The Do Good Movement Children’s Meditation Garden at Lake Katherine’s Children’s Forest in Palos Heights was constructed during the summer of 2021.┬áThis space was a collaboration of both organizations to create an environment for children and families to come, sit, relax, and learn the importance of being still in nature.

“Throughout the pandemic being outdoors with my family was the best place to be. It allowed us to feel “normal” during a not so “normal” time. It provided us an opportunity to destress and reconnect with one another and ourselves.” Erin Stevenson, Creator, and Founder of The Do Good Movement.

Mrs. Stevenson started The Do Good Movement in 2015 and has created a yoga and social-emotional learning program that has been implemented in several school districts and communities, including CPS, District 124 in Evergreen Park, and within Palos Heights at Lake Katherine. During the pandemic, Mrs. Stevenson collaborated with Lake Katherine Director, Gareth Blakeley, to make a dream of this shared space for children to come and reflect a reality.

The Do Good Movement Children’s Meditation Garden includes natural stone sitting areas, newly planted trees, and flowers, as well as a brick path leading into the garden where donors contributed to support the garden.

The bricks are engraved by donors with quotes, sayings, or in honor/memory of a loved one. This entryway holds what will soon be the Kindness Rock Garden, where children are invited to decorate a rock with a positive message or picture and leave it for all to enjoy.

“I wanted the community involved in this project,” said Mrs. Stevenson. “I wanted people to feel part of something good in their community and for them to share kindness and do good for others.”

The Do Good Movement also collaborated with Owen’s Library and founder Malory Carpenter to donate a Little Free Library to the Children’s Forest. The library is located while walking towards the meditation garden. Thanks to Owen’s Library, it will be filled with NEW, free children’s books each month.

“I had seen Owen’s Library’s work and what they do for sick children and families in hospitals and thought this might be a great way to work together to support literacy and children in our community. I was thrilled Mallory was up for working together. It has truly been an honor.”

Both The Do Good Movement Children’s Meditation Garden and the Little Free Library donated by Owen’s Library and The Do Good Movement can be found in the Children’s Forest at Lake Katherine. Their intention is to help motivate others to think outside the box and find ways to give back to others. The hope is to inspire others to ‘do good.’