This initiative is taking the concepts offered within professional development and bringing them to life by our qualified staff. We come into the classroom, during the school day at a time decided on by the teacher and principal, and work with students in 30–45 minute segments on yoga concepts for self-regulation and social emotional learning. Each week that we meet, The Do Good Movement staff provides the teacher and principal the lesson plan for that week’s session so the teachers are able to reiterate some of the information throughout the week that we meet. The weeks build onto one another with yoga concepts for meditation, breathwork, and postures, but also on philanthropic stewardship education by implementing the Kindness Karma Project.

The Kindness Karma Project is a service project that students work on with our staff that benefits or impacts the student’s local community. We strive to teach students the power of taking yoga off the mat. Each month, The Do Good Movement works with predetermined charities to implement a project. Throughout the year, the students are also working on a larger scale project that they plan from start to finish and then implement at the end of the year. In total, students participate in 9-10 projects for the 30-week program or 6-7 projects for the 15-week program.

Examples of Implemented Do Good Movement Kindness Projects
  • Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Donations and letter writing.
  • Share a Bear Hug stuffed animal collection and art therapy supplies.
  • Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital “Food and Fun in the Sun” fundraiser.
  • Ronald McDonald House backpack supply drive.
  • Frosty Walk fundraiser for team goal.
  • Second City Canine Rescue blanket donations and blanket creations.
  • Barton Senior Living Center holiday care packages.
  • Smith Village Halloween Parade and letter writing.
  • Pilot Light “Food and Fun in the Sun” fundraiser and collaboration.

“The students were engaged. I liked the rapport the students had with Ms. Erin. Erin was very prepared each week, communicated well with staff and kept the interest of the students.”